Our service fee depends on the time and forms needed to prepare a complete, accurate, and well-substantiated return to IRS standards. This includes the time to answer your questions, gather information, review it to the level now required by the IRS, research regulations regarding any new or complex issues, and then complete and document the return. We do not charge for the initial meeting. At that time we may review your records and learn something about your tax situation, and then we can give you an estimate of the cost range for the work.

A professional tax return preparer must do a thorough job to understand anything that may affect a taxpayer’s reporting responsibility.

To help ensure that consumers receive the professional service they deserve, the IRS has recently expanded its regulations to cover all paid tax return preparers. All paid preparers must now register their name and address with the IRS and eventually pass a competency exam. As an Enrolled Agent (EA), our training and experience has exceeded these new minimum requirements for years.
Accepted payment methods